Pittsburgh Yards Groundbreaking Celebration!

This past weekend, March 10, 2018, was the groundbreaking celebration for the Pittsburgh Yards development project – It’s been a long time coming and now it’s officially begun! There was such a good turn out with incredible energy. Joyce Shepherd, our district councilperson gave a talk, as well as the project head organization Annie E Casey Foundation’s Ryan Chao. Oh! And Mr Doug Dean and me got up there and said a few words about what the Art & History Committee has been up to. I showed a video there too, which I’ll post soon.

At the event, The SWATL Oral History Project set up the ENTER THE BUCKY DOME ZONE project to record community members’ stories while the Annie E Casey Foundation recorded stories of the future for StoryCorps. The plan is for all of this material to influence the design of the first building going into construction and set up a way to incorporate the history into the whole of Pittsburgh Yards. This material is also going to be used as inspiration for WonderRoot’s public art project, Where the Heart Is: An Artistic Examination of Home in Pittsburgh, slated for this upcoming summer.

Not only did we get great recordings with the help of fantastic volunteers, but Pittsburgh Yards also got some press coverage!

Oh yeah, and the firefighter recruits helped us take down the dome! Big THANK YOU to them!



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